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If you've come here from a recently created page whose text may soon be deleted, then please understand that we mean no harm in deleting your page. We're delighted to have you, but the page you created seemed to be something other than an encyclopedia article. You may have created a page that met the criteria for speedy deletion.

For more information, please read our deletion policy.

Using this page[edit]

For articles that need deletion, add {{delete}} to the top of the page. You should not wipe out the contents as it helps to check the contents to be deleted without having to look at the page history. This expands to:

You can also add the page to the list at the bottom of this page, but you don't have to.

Note that if you just replace the content with {{delete}} the prior content will not be automatically added to the deletion log summary when the page is deleted.

See below for instructions regarding the deletion of personal subpages.

For articles that do not meet the criteria for speedy deletion, please use Wikipedia:Votes for deletion. Please do not list pages here that are already listed there.

Advice for administrators[edit]

  • Use Category:Candidates for speedy deletion for a list of pages
  • Use What links here for Template:Delete (This is an older method superseded by categorisation, but temporarily still in use until full switch is possible.)
  • Check talk pages, page history, what links here (especially for potentially controversial user pages), etc. If there is a dispute over whether the page should be deleted, consider first listing it on Wikipedia:Votes for deletion
  • Review our admin deletion guidelines
  • If the page to be deleted is directly related to a specific user or that user's activities, consider moving the page to that user's personal userspace (and deleting the redirect) instead of deleting it outright.

Deletion of personal pages[edit]

Unless you are a sysop, it is not possible to delete your own user pages and subpages, so they must be listed here. If you are a sysop, it is recommended that you also list your pages here so they can be deleted by another sysop. For your main user or talk pages, you must list them here, not delete them yourself, to avoid the appearance that sysops can delete to hide negative comments, while others can't.

Only post pages from your own personal page, and only if you have a genuine reason for requesting a personal page of yours be deleted, please list it here.

Please see Wikipedia:User page for further instructions, and Wikipedia talk:Personal subpages to be deleted for past discussion on this issue.