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This template will categorise tagged articles into Category:Wikipedia articles needing factual verification.

Use this tag to label text which appears doubtful or false, in order to request for source verification. If the information is reliable but only lacks citations or proper citations, please use either {{citequote}} or {{fact}} to make it complete.

Please add this template after a good faith attempt to verify information. In many cases template {{unreferenced}} would suffice.

For whole sections or articles, use Template:Not verified.

Regarding the unsourced or poorly sourced information:

  1. if it is not doubtful, you may use {{fact}} or {{citequote}} tag to ask for better citation in order to make the article complete.
  2. if it is doubtful but not too harmful to the whole article, you may use {{verify source}} tag to ask for source verification.
  3. If it is doubtful and (quite) highly harmful, you may move it to the talk page and ask for a source.
  4. If it is very doubtful and very harmful, you may remove it directly without the need of moving it to the talk page first.

This template is a self-reference and so is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopedic content.

This template is not useful for Wikipedia:Subst.

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