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  • Just because you wish to make up new Cherokee names for countries contrary to the ones already in popular use doesn't mean you get to use them on Wikipedia.
    • Is there an official Cherokee name for Japan? If not, Wikipedia seems a perfect place to put a new one in circulation, though it should probably be confirmed by the Cherokee Nation first. Nihoni makes perfect sense for 'Japan'. --DarkFantasy 23:51, 18 Jul 2004 (UTC)
      • No; there is a popular one though. nihoni makes as much sense to the average Cherokee speaker as lasdfkasdfasdf makes to the average English speaker; even though not all Cherokees may not be able to pinpoint Japan on a map, they'll at least be familiar with the more traditional Cherokee name. Also, since Cherokee speakers are generally bilingual in English, a name sounding similar to "Japan" will be more immediately recognizable to them than the term invented by Etse, perhaps ᏣᎭᏂ. Tsaquani does indeed sound somewhat sucky, thus I propose something more along the lines of yahani, yahuani, siahuani, siahani, tsahani, tsahuani, etc. Another alternative, although it's definitely unfavorable, would be to use the English word because it'd have more universal recognition compared to any Cherokee alternative. This would of course be more viable if Wikipedia didn't use syllabary (I'm not advocating that at all); it's still an option to consider. The problem with confirming it with "the cherokee nation" is that there is no one Cherokee nation. I believe belongs to the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. There are a few others, though, some of them unrecognized, some of them recognized, with one in Mexico even (they migrated there fairly recently, though)